Where We Started

How it all started:

In 2010 two parents whose children had attended the same nursery, but had never really spoken to each other, got talking at the school gates…and haven’t stopped since! We realised that with our mutual childcare backgrounds and parental experience, we could assist the school with their need to fulfil their extended services responsibility as set by the government.

And so TJ’s Club was born.


In the beginning:

Our first breakfast club session started with 5 of our own children and 1 paying child, in January 2011.  Our numbers grew slowly but by the end of the school year, it became apparent that the necessity of a 7.30am start was crucial to our long term existence.  From September 2011, we started our earlier sessions which proved more suitable to many parents.

In September 2013 we had grown so much we needed to take on staff of our own.

Since starting all those years ago we had always been asked about providing an After School Club as well and 2014 felt the right time.  In September of this year we opened our doors for after school and have never looked back.

Opening our new sites – Orchard Lea Junior School in 2018, Alver Valley Schools in 2019 and Grange Infant School in 2020 – was the icing on the cake for us and we look forward to the future, whatever that may bring.